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CEO Of Panache Talk Podcast

Name: Rico Pleasant aka ReMix Reek

Birthdate: Decemeber 5, 1989 

Age: 34

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Occupation: CEO, Entrepreneur, Marketing Brand Consultant &

Rap Artist

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My Story

Born Rico Pleasant aka ReMix Reek December 5, 1989 in Washington D.C. Born and raised. Moved to the West Coast in 2019. ReMix Reek is a Rapper, Entrepreneur & Businessman . He has a Musical & Marketing Expertise of 10 + years. He has a background in Radio as well. He started Panache Talk Podcast at The end of November 2023. He is the Owner of Dope Viral Media & Owns The Marketing Company Called Dope Viral Marketing. He also owns The Companies GOWYN Inc. , DC Majesty Entertainment Inc. , & Superb Business Association LLC. You Can Check out his Music on All Platforms by searching "ReMix Reek. "


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Interviewees & New Staff (With Experience) Let's connect.

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